June 16, 2011 Two new visualization postings using: Open source Processing and Google API

Today, we posted new visualization postings. The first using open source Processing and the second one Google visualization API. Join us for the opening:

June 13, 2011 Upcoming new postings

In the following weeks, we will post new examples of our in visualization. Come visit us at

June 3, 2011 – VisualAlpha offers a new service: see sneak preview

We at VisualAlpha are in the process of offering a new service titled customize analytics display. The service will offer the ability to display our analytics analysis over the Web, Social media and Smart mobile phones. See our sneak preview.  

Apr 19, 2011

Our current inspiration comes from Mark Lombardi’s work. Although he did not provide us new insights to data analytics, he inspired us to examine closely the overall classification of the datasets and also to look closely at the contribution of a single variable.

Welcome to Visual Alpha blog

Today Mon 18, Apr 2011 We would like share our experience, knowledge and news about visualization analysis with you. We hope the information in this blog is useful – please contact us for more solutions for your business.