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Our philosophy at Visual Alpha

Our philosophy starts with personal communication and attention to detail. Delivering on our clients’ goals and objectives for establishing a research result is our main priority. Our recommended methodologies are suited to the needs of each client and designed to further assist their research accomplishments, their marketing efforts, and communications programs. Our aim is to provide transparency in our work.

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June 16, 2011 Two new visualization postings using: Open source Processing and Google API

Today, we posted new visualization postings. The first using open source Processing and the second one Google visualization API. Join us for the opening:

June 13, 2011 Upcoming new postings

In the following weeks, we will post new examples of our in visualization. Come visit us at

June 3, 2011 – VisualAlpha offers a new service: see sneak preview

We at VisualAlpha are in the process of offering a new service titled customize analytics display. The service will offer the ability to display our analytics analysis over the Web, Social media and Smart mobile phones. See our sneak preview.


Apr 19, 2011

Our current inspiration comes from Mark Lombardi’s work. Although he did not provide us new insights to data analytics, he inspired us to examine closely the overall classification of the datasets and also to look closely at the contribution of a single variable.


Visual Alpha delivers different online and on-site training that focuses on statistical thinking, statistical modeling, data mining and visualization analysis. We tailor our courses to meet your goals and needs. We bring seven years of experience in teaching statistics and database programming in different academic universities in NYC area. We will provide you with a customized syllabus that focuses on optimizing your processes based on your company needs.  After the course, we will follow up and provide additional consulting if needed.

Here are the list of courses we offer:
1. Statistical thinking
2. Advanced Statistics
3. Introduction to data mining methodologies
4. Introduction to visualization analysis
5. Introduction to web mining
6. Introduction to statistical software: (Excel, SPSS, R, Magus and many more)
7. Introduction to R
8. Introduction to SPSS
9. Introduction to Magnus

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Welcome to Visual Alpha blog

Today Mon 18, Apr 2011 We would like share our experience, knowledge and news about visualization analysis with you. We hope the information in this blog is useful – please contact us for more solutions for your business.


Market Analysis

Visual Alpha is a research company that aims to help you to achieve a better understanding of your target audience segmentation with a cost effective solution.

In our Continuing Education case, we found that search engines ranked on top among NYC and LA residents. We presented our findings to different audiences by focusing on the importance of income as an influence in the decision making process. Here are examples of our findings.

We also asked our subjects to name the most reliable media they trust in the evaluation process. Our subjects reported that university/college websites were the most reliable sources. However, they complained that those websites are not often updated or easy to access.

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Time/Data Analysis

Under construction

Taxonomy Analysis

Visual Alpha offers taxonomy analysis in a cost effective solution.

Taxonomy Analysis by Visual Alpha

Visual Alpha conducted and published several studies using taxonomy analysis for clients. In the example above, we conducted taxonomy analysis for our Continuing Education case study. The goal of this analysis was to find the relationship between the terms used to describe the different mediums (Google, Facebook, etc) and the university/college’s name.


Taxonomy Analysis by Visual Alpha

One of our favorite frameworks under taxonomy analysis is the triangulation framework. With this theory, we can examine three major terms the user most most often associates with a particular brand/company.

Taxonomy and semiotics by Visual Alpha

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Data Presentation and infographic

Visual Alpha offers infographic services for a wide variety of disciplines in a cost effective solution.

Data representation by Visual Alpha

In the example above, we created this infographic as part our discussion of the role of language in classification analysis. Our aim was to display the connection and similarities between sign vs. concept role in the language.

In the example below, we created this diagram for a software development company. The biggest concern the company had was lack  of connection among the people who worked on this project. The project was run by an international group of people who had different languages and work cultures. The aim of this diagram was to provide a better understanding of the objectives and time-frame of this project. The diagram utilizes different colors and signs for each stage of the development that all people in the project were able to understand.

We also provided support the document management development for the same company. In this diagram below, we were asked to designate a classification scheme to manage large scale document inventories.

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