Visual Alpha delivers different online and on-site training that focuses on statistical thinking, statistical modeling, data mining and visualization analysis. We tailor our courses to meet your goals and needs. We bring seven years of experience in teaching statistics and database programming in different academic universities in NYC area. We will provide you with a customized syllabus that focuses on optimizing your processes based on your company needs.  After the course, we will follow up and provide additional consulting if needed.

Here are the list of courses we offer:
1. Statistical thinking
2. Advanced Statistics
3. Introduction to data mining methodologies
4. Introduction to visualization analysis
5. Introduction to web mining
6. Introduction to statistical software: (Excel, SPSS, R, Magus and many more)
7. Introduction to R
8. Introduction to SPSS
9. Introduction to Magnus

If you are interested in receiving further information and/or if you are interested in having such a course offered on-site or online, please contact us.

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