Data Presentation and infographic

Visual Alpha offers infographic services for a wide variety of disciplines in a cost effective solution.

Data representation by Visual Alpha

In the example above, we created this infographic as part our discussion of the role of language in classification analysis. Our aim was to display the connection and similarities between sign vs. concept role in the language.

In the example below, we created this diagram for a software development company. The biggest concern the company had was lack  of connection among the people who worked on this project. The project was run by an international group of people who had different languages and work cultures. The aim of this diagram was to provide a better understanding of the objectives and time-frame of this project. The diagram utilizes different colors and signs for each stage of the development that all people in the project were able to understand.

We also provided support the document management development for the same company. In this diagram below, we were asked to designate a classification scheme to manage large scale document inventories.

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